nanos gigantum humeris insidentes

Whenever Michelle Muldoon is involved in the project, I know the end result will be something everyone will be proud of.

From a producer, I couldn't have asked for a more completely engaged and passionate leader.

As a director, Michelle has a deep and thorough knowledge of every step of the film making process. Which makes communicating her ideas in language we can all relate to.

As an editor, I look to my director for clarity and vision. Working with Michelle I was never at a loss for either. I learned a-lot about ownership and accountability on this film.


- Received raw media from production.

- Imported and converted file format and colour space.

- Worked very closely with the director and producer.

- Listened intently to her direction.

- Performed the final colour correction.

- Met all her requests for mood and feel.

- Output final cut for delivery.

A Rendezvous Jason Cooper colourist‚Äč