nanos gigantum humeris insidentes

Jon Ornoy Was my very first contact in the film business. He's been a significant factor of my career from the very first day. I was looking for volunteer opportunities when I walked into Jon's office. Through his long standing and much trusted contacts in the industry. I was introduced to some very influential people. Im certainly appreciative of his creative guidance and his support.

As a director and producer Jon knows his role thoroughly. There is no question that following Jon is as natural to his crew. As leading it is to him.

Although I played only a very very small role on this film. I was happy to have been asked to be involved. Especially considering that creating vfx is not my core competence.

Additional vfx

- Received raw media from production.

- Imported and converted file format and colour space.

- Worked very closely with the director to fully understand the shot.

- Listened intently to his direction.

- Met all his technical and creative requirements.

- Output final shot for delivery to online edit.

True Love Waits Jason Cooper vfx‚Äč