California by Jaclyn Guillou (Joni Mitchell)


As a film editor, I am rarely asked to finish a music video. So, when the opportunity came my way I jumped at the chance.

Working with the brilliant musician and consummate artist Jaclyn Guillou. Who was so deeply invested every step of the way. Was a valuable lesson in the creative process.

Her clear focus and overall vision of her final product made the job highly demanding. While at the same time making our creative direction perfectly clear.

I once again had the chance to work with the skilled and talented Sasha Popove . This time in the role of director of photography. Having such stunning and creative shots to work from ensured that we'd have a polished final result.

Being such a naturally talented artist, much of Jaclyn's

b-roll actually made it into the final cut. Her real-life emotions, combined with a free-running b-cam. Made for some naturally cinematic moments.